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About Kythira ( Kythera )

Written by Kythira Rooms - Admin
Thursday, 21 February 2008
hora castle

Kythira of the southest Ionian islands, is located in the south of Peloponnesus .

It is an island with long history, as the archaeological excavations betray, a melting-pot of different cultures, which formed in the course of centuries its own character and look.

Nowadays, Kythira is an attraction for strangers and Greek visitors with its wonderful villages, the archaeological findings, the unspotted sea and the sandy beaches, which are alternating with steep, rocky coast.

To the sights of the island belong the Castle and the archaeological museum of Hora , convents (Mirtidia, Agia Moni, Agia Elessa), Agia Sofias cave, Fonissas waterfall and the traditional settlement of Kato Hora in Mylopotamos, Paliohora, the bridge and the Byzantine museum in Kato Livadi as far as other traditional villages.

Somebody can find crowded or remote beaches such as Kapsali, Fyri Ammos, Chalkos, Melidoni, Kaladi, Avlemonas, Paliopoli, Agia Pelagia and Diakofti.


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